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All apply to federal elections; the full one shows all 150 seats; the rest are subsets - either state or AEC designated geographic.

The full pendulum has a graph showing the national two party preferred vote at each election since 1984. Click here for 1949 to 2001. Each state has a similar graph - for votes at federal elections - and every seat has its own graph. These electorate graphs are very useful for examining their behaviour over time.

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If you're iffy on the difference between primary and two party preferred votes, read this

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The rules, as always: Labor seats red, Liberal blue, National brown, Independents Orange, Greens green. When referred to as a whole. Coalition is also blue.c

When you click a seat, various data will appear in the right frame, including a portrait of the member (from the Parliament House website), those graphs (read about them), 2001 Census data, other statistics and in some cases commentary.

There are also links to the AEC page and aph pages for that seat/member; the former in particular has seat history, including all past members. Both have electorate maps.

Also Antony Green's page (for that seat) at the ABC  and Poll Bludger's  

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