Notional pendulums - post redistribution

Data from Parliament House Library and Malcolm Mackerras.

The very latest is the full pendulum with blurbs, stats and photos for each seat. So far only constructed for full pendulum but variations for sub-pendulums will be along soon.

So far have constructed the full pendulum and Qld and rural components. Will follow soon with states and other geographic categories.

These geographic categories are the AEC's. There are four: inner and outer metropolitan, provincial and rural. Obviously squeezing all seats into one of these four is problematic, but it's worthwhile nonetheless.

I reckon that if the next election is competitive, rural Australia will be the battleground.

The pendulum shows plenty of government held marginal rural seats. Click the small pendulums below.




pend04.gif (77006 bytes)

pend04qld.gif (18072 bytes)

pend04rural.gif (25707 bytes)


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