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These are the seats in Melbourne's east. (I'm not certain I've got the lot as my knowledge of Melbourne geography not great. Advice of omissions can be emailed.)

 Blue ones are Coalition, red ones Labor.

As you can see, there're just a couple - Narre Warren South and Monbulk - within easy grasp for the government. (Not much - perhaps one - for grabs for opposition; they've got this area pretty well sewn up.)

(Following readers' emails I've included Mitcham, Mulgrave, Narre Warren North and South in this pendulum.)

Even Burwood, won in a byelection, might go back to the Coalition.

On the other hand, a big swing in this part of town would yield dividends for the government - but it would have to be big.

And then there's the rest.


See any howlers? Please let me know

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